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Iron Handheld Portable Mini Iron The Handle Can Be Rotated 180 Degrees Can Be Used for Home Travel… (Green)

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Product Description

Use of 0°Use of 0°

Use of 0°

This is the method we often use, and it is also the best method for ironing

Standing useStanding use

Standing use

This use requires us to rotate the handle 180°, but when used in this way, we need to use other tools. For example, small ironing plates, ironing gloves and other items. In this case, the ironing effect is best

Ironing water tankIroning water tank

Ironing water tank

This is not a steam tank, but a traditional spray mode, which can sprinkle fine mist to help us iron. Ironing thicker clothes in this way also works well.

unique designunique design

unique design

The handle can be rotated 180° is the biggest feature of this product, it is convenient for us to use when there is no ironing board. It is convenient for us to use when working and traveling.

Beauty tip designBeauty tip design

Beauty tip design: This design is also part of our refinement, it can leave no dead corners when ironing clothes. For example, under the buttons of clothes or on the corners of some clothes, it is more convenient for us to use.

Thick clothesThick clothes

Thick clothes

The iron can easily remove wrinkles on thick clothes and shirts, steam is effective on light clothes, but not so effective on thick clothes.



Mini iron: The mini iron is very convenient to carry. We can put it in our suitcases, or in our backpacks, so that we can have an exquisite life wherever we go.

Garment iron: The ceramic panel is used, the surface is smooth and durable, the temperature rises quickly and ironing can be carried out quickly, and the small size is convenient to carry.
Ironing machine: The tip of the ironing board is designed to iron clothes without leaving dead spots. Dry and wet double ironing, flat ironing and hanging ironing can be used, whether at home or traveling, it is very convenient to carry and use
Product power: the power of the garment ironing machine is only 33 watts, which saves power
Using and not hurting the fabric: It can be used continuously for 20 minutes after being filled with water. The delicate water mist, moisturizing and ironing, does not damage the fabric, and the effect is good