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LG 50 4K UHD Smart Hospitality TV, PRO:Idiom, B-LAN

Price: $849.99
(as of Sep 27,2023 03:18:46 UTC – Details)

Deliver a better in-room entertainment experience for your guests with the 50″ US670H Pro:Centric 4K HDR Smart LED Hospitality TV from LG. Using a wide range of LG System Integrator features, your guests can use modern features like Wi-Fi access, screen sharing, and Bluetooth sound syncing, while you gain remote management, easier deployment, and an elevated experience that could lead to outstanding reviews and increased revenue. On the surface, this TV offers stunning 4K UHD visuals with HDR support, and a Tru 4K upscaling feature to improve any legacy content you provide. It also comes equipped with webOS 5.0 and support for a wide array of smart features.
With the resolution that is 4 times higher than FHD, it makes the color and details of the contents more vivid and realistic. In addition, the wide viewing angle applied with LG IPS Panel, provides clear contents with no distortion.
Built-in Quad Core SoC can execute several tasks at once while providing smooth content playback without the need for a media player. Also, LG webOS smart signage platform enhances user convenience with intuitive GUI and simple app development tools.
LG webOS smart signage platform easily supports connections with external sensors such as GPIO, NFC/RFID, temperature sensors, etc, via USB plug-in. The overall cost for maintenance is reduced as there’s no need to purchase additional software or media players for creating value-added solutions.
Content Mirroring among devices is more convenient on a Wi-Fi network.