You are currently viewing MARTISAN HL-8001 Steam Iron, 1800W Super Hot Ceramic Soleplate Iron, Anti-Drip, Anti-Calc, Self-Clean Function (Blue)

MARTISAN HL-8001 Steam Iron, 1800W Super Hot Ceramic Soleplate Iron, Anti-Drip, Anti-Calc, Self-Clean Function (Blue)

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Product Description

Power offPower off


Automatic power off technology, flat 30 seconds to cut off power, vertical 8 minutes to cut off powerWhen ironing, someone knocks at the door, you go to open the door, the iron will automatically cut off the power within the set time, prevent the heating of the iron.That’s the benefit of this feature. Without this function, the iron thermostat senses a drop in the sole plate temperature and automatically starts, and the sole plate begins to heat up to the set maximum temperature. The iron circulates heat even when it is not ironed.


Advantage of Drop STOP

Anti-Drip Drop STOP to prevent water drop during ironing even in lower temperature of sole plate.When the temperature rises to 100 degrees Celsius, the liquid water becomes water vapour, when the soleplate temperature falls below 100 degrees Celsius, the water vapour changes back to liquid water, you need to switch the steam switch back to off in time, otherwise the iron will leak. The DROP STOP function helps you to eliminate such troubles, when the iron is heating up, even if you don’t turn off the steam switch, the iron will not leak water. Do you like this feature?

CERAMIC soleplateCERAMIC soleplate

New improved Ceramic coating sole plate

Improved ceramic sole plate, smoother and 5 per cent longer service life (test data from our Lab)The thermal conductivity of this coating is very good, and the temperature difference between the edge and the center of the bottom plate is very small, ensuring the ironing effect

powerful steampowerful steam

Powerful Steam

The Burst steam is fantastic, powerful, shocking, don’t be shocked.Easily penetrate multiple layers of fibers and iron out wrinkles.


To learn the buttons

You can control steam output by Steam control button. 0 is steam OFF. MAX is max steam output.

Press Spray button to spray water.

Press Burst steam button to release powerful burst steam.The operation is very convenient.





Quickly heat the iron and iron out any wrinkles. Go out in good spirits


When ironing, you can release the spray to moisten the fibers and improve the ironing effect.

360 degree rotation

Supports 360 degree rotation

【SELF-CLEAN & ANTI-DRIP】Only need to presse the self-clean button, you can try the burst-of-steam feature to clean vents. When the temperature of your iron is insufficient to create steam, the supply of water is cut off automatically to avoid any drips from the soleplate.
【VARIABLE TEMP CONTROL】5 range temperature dial makes it easy and precise when you iron a variety of fabrics such as wool, silk, linen, cotton etc.; always keep your clothes in perfect status
【CERAMIC SOLEPLATE】Durable ceramic soleplate glides well on any ironable garment. It’s ceramic, scratch resistant and simple to keep clean. 8.5ft swivel cord guard rotates 360 degrees, making it easy to iron with trangle-free.
【NOT A USED IRON】Every Martisan Steam Iron has passed the quality test to ensure the function correctly and provide consumers with 100% satisfaction, so there will be a little bit of water left in the reservoir, will not affect the performance of the product.